After School Club

After School Club starts straight after school and runs until 7pm. We offer a collection service from a number of local schools. Once children arrive at the nursery they are offered a light tea. We provide a varied menu from healthy sandwiches to vegetable soup with warm pita bread.

Our menus take into account each child’s dietary requirements whether medical, religious or just general likes and dislikes. We always have a wide range of age appropriate activities in offer.

These involve:

*Cooking and baking
*Arts and craft activities
*Sensory corner relaxation activities
*Races and social games in the garden

We also plan time for homework to be completed with the support of staff and provide quiet corner equipped with computer and printer in order to assist with this.

OFSTED Comments about our After School Club:

“The after school club provides a variety of interesting experiences that support children’s learning and development. For instance, children practise their language and literacy skills in a cosy book corner stocked with a range of books. They learn to cooperate and take turns as they play team sports and develop good physical skills. Children enjoy a variety of creative craft activities.”

Please contact your nearest nursery for more details and information on our competitive fees structure.