Ofsted Report

 The most recent Ofsted report for our Stockwell nursery took place on the 20th of January 2016.

“Safeguarding is effective. The manager has high expectations of staff and has worked closely with the local authority. New meetings between parents and management are successful in seeking parents’ views and informing change. The manager and deputy monitor staff practice well. This and regular training is improving the quality of teaching.

Older children explore and find what is hidden in the ice. They show fascination as they watch and talk about the ice melting and discover the different creatures inside. Children become absorbed as they concentrate and express their own ideas during art activities.

Adults support children’s developing communication skills well. Adults get to know children really well. This process begins with home visits, so when children arrive at nursery they see a familiar face. Children gain a good understanding of how to stay safe. Older babies practise climbing the steps on the indoor climbing frame, which helps them to keep safe when they make their way down the metal steps into the outdoor area.

Managers use a tracking system to keep a close eye on the progress of all children and take action when they need extra support in their learning. Children make good progress and gain the skills they need to be ready to move to the next room or on to school.”

Since our inspection we have made further changes to the nursery and are striving towards improvements. We are continuously looking to our parents for feedback and opinions on the services offered and are implementing changes to improve the nursery experience. We now have an extremely strong management team and we believe that the positive changes being made will result in a more deserving Ofsted grading at our next inspection.

If you would like to see a full copy of the report please click here.